HOTlanta Traffic

Hello world. I just moved to Atlanta about a week ago from a small town in Tennessee. I got a small apartment right inside the 285 loop with my boyfriend. We spent an entire weekend trying to shove two bedrooms worth of furniture into a one bedroom apartment. The woman who was supposed to move out of the apartment for which we paid the deposit, refused to do so until the end of August. So, for a month, here we are in smallsville. It wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t planned for two bedrooms worth of space. We have boxes crammed in closets, a side of the living room devoted to yet-to-be-assembled furniture (futon, desks, etc. etc.).

All this stuff in such a small space reminds of the traffic here in Hotlanta.

Sean read a statistic that we have approximately 5 years before we become really bad Atlanta drivers. Now, being here a week, I have yet to experience the horrific torture of sitting in rush hour traffic, but I have already seen glimpses of a horrible driver in myself just since I’ve been here.

For instance, yesterday, I was pulling out of a Barnes & Noble just down the road from the apartment. The B&N is right past a stop light and I needed to turn left. Needless to say. I ripped my car around out of the parking lot across two incoming lanes of traffic, a few turning lanes, and three outgoing lanes. UN-SMART! Afterward, I thought to myself, “If there had been one car that I did not see coming from either direction, I could have ended up T-boned right there in the middle of a fairly well-traveled highway. Next time, I will pull out, follow traffic, and find a light to turn around.

Here is where I pulled the traffic-no-no: UNSMART!


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