HOTlanta. SCAMlanta?

Something I have discovered as of recent is this organization that prowls the interwebz looking for fresh-outta-college newbies and attempts to scam them into false jobs. I’ve posted my resume on all those career websites, and I have applied to approximately 15 different positions with different organizations. However, I have come to discover that some places post multiple job openings that apparently all lead to one job: cold calling or door-to-door sales. There are others as well that prowl the job sites for resumes from young job-seekers and calls you asking for an interview but not telling you the position for which you are interviewing.

I'll get you, my pretty. And your little dog, too.

Seriously, people? Preying on recent college graduates? How hard is it to get a real job out there?

I have some interviews lined up, so hopefully something will work out. Wish me luck, or wish me the kind of discernment that sees through the false lies and tricks that try to get me to sell coupons door-to-door.


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