I’m sorry, HOTlanta.

I think HOTlanta and I have gotten off on the wrong foot. Maybe it’s just me going insane here in the apartment by myself. I do a lot of thinking in between applying for every job for which am I and am not qualified. I suppose I’ve just felt a little negative recently because that’s what happens when I’m left to my own devices and laundry. But really, I should be grateful for the people I’ve met and the opportunities I’ve come across.

I have an interview tomorrow with a recruiting company, so hopefully that goes well. We’ll see. Also, I met a really nice woman in my cycling class who helped me set up my equipment since I was running a little late. We got to talking and she offered to let me babysit her kids every so often, and to tell her husband, who owns a law firm, that I am willing to work in his office part time. I think I’ll start to feel better about Atlanta when I’ve made some friends here.

It’s easier to like some place new when you’ve got contacts there. I have a few, but I’m trying really hard not to be annoying and call all two of them everyday. So, HOTlanta and I need to start anew. Maybe with a little time, we can learn to like each other.


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