Moving Forward

So, since I last wrote a blog post, I’ve had a few more interviews. One with the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce and one with RRISA the Refugee Resettlement & Immigration Services of Atlanta.

I technically got the Cobb County Chamber internship, but it’s unpaid, and I really cannot afford to do an unpaid internship. My interview today with RRISA went pretty well, I think. It’s something I am very interested in! Essentially, if I got the job, I would be helping refugees who are fleeing from countries with war, famine, extreme poverty, etc. to find employment, enroll their children in school, and apply for citizenship. I would spend 1/3 of my day at an after school program for children of immigrants and low-income families. I really want this job.

The woman with whom I interviewed said she’d let me know either way by Friday! I can’t wait! I’m too excited!

In other news, I got all my hair chopped off. It was a day-long event that was actually 3 or 4 haircuts, each one getting shorter and shorter. Here’s the final product for now. It’s short around the sides and longer on top. I’m still considering going full-on pixie and making it short all over.

Having short hair is sooo freeing. My head feels so much lighter. Taking a shower is much faster, and I use less shampoo. Sometimes I turn my head and end up jerking my neck around because I am so used to having to haul a big ponytail around with it. Sean is getting used to it. Mostly, he’s saying that whatever makes me happy makes him happy, but I know he’s a little nostalgic for my long hair. It’s hair; it grows back. And right now I am excited by the prospects of all that I can do with short hair.

In sum, things feel like they’re looking up for me from here. I’m getting ready to take the GRE and apply to graduate schools. I’m starting to get interviews from organizations I really like for positions in things I like to do. I am feeling much more optimistic than usual!

I just started the book The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and am really enjoying it so far. It was recommended to me by Jenna Thorp (who is now in Africa!).

I got started while babysitting the other night, and got about 200 pages in. So far it’s about this family that moves from Georgia to the Congo to serve as missionaries. It details their perspectives on different people, their evolving perspectives on their religion, how their family works, etc. It’s serving a lot of purposes in my life right now:

  • cementing some of my perspectives on religion, but also challenging my notion of faith
  • reminding me of my love for literature (reminiscent of a different perspective on Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart)
  • representing a family unit and it’s struggle through a completely different experience (something my little family unit is experiencing right now–major change)

…among many other things.

Sean and I went back to TN this weekend to visit our parents and pick up a stray kitten that my mom found in the neighborhood. We had a good time grilling out with Sean’s parents and his family and shopping in the Glades in Gatlinburg with my mom. The kitten mysteriously disappeared a few days before we came, but that just gives us more time to move this weekend (INTO THE 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT! MORE ROOM!) and prepare financially for getting a pet ($200 pet deposit and an extra $20 a month in “pet rent”). Overall, I feel better about things, though!

I hope this sense of optimism stays with me for a while.


One thought on “Moving Forward

  1. So, things are looking up? That’s great. I’ve heard from several people that the Poisonwood Bible is a good read; however, having been disappointed in another of her novels, Animal Dreams, I keep it pretty low on my list of books to read. I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

    And, good luck getting the job.

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