And down again

So, I haven’t gotten a job yet. The job I interviewed with last week chose someone else. Le sigh. It seems recently like I can’t catch a break. Hopefully the job search will yield something soon, because I would really like a paying job. Also, I don’t know if I can handle being rejected any more right now. I’ve been rejected from all the graduate schools I applied to last year, and now I’ve been rejected by all the jobs I’ve applied to. It’s really a fantastic feeling.

In other news, Sean and I finally got to move into our two bedroom apartment… the one we were supposed to move into a month ago. Still, we are happy that we finally got it, and are in the process of arranging all our stuff again. It’s harder this time for some reason. Maybe because we didn’t unpack everything last time.

I’ll have limited internet access until Wednesday when the cable/internet people come to hook everything up. Until then, I have to go all the way to my apartment complex’s coffee shop for free but fairly bogged down wifi.

Pictures of the apartment are to come, as soon as we get everything cleaned up and sorted out. That may take a while!


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