So I haven’t written a blog in a while. And really, it’s because nothing great has been happening. I’ve been applying for jobs every day, hearing back from some, but mostly not. I had an interview at a law firm for a receptionist position, and the head lawyer looked at my resume and said, “I’m going to be honest. You’re a little overqualified for this position.” I strongly resisted the urge to say, “I know. I just need an income.” We ended up talking about my thesis for 20 minutes and then he sent me on my way. When I was at MC to hear Roxana Saberi speak about her time in Iran, one of my former professors told me, “Apply for jobs is one of the most ego-battering endeavors ever.” And, really, it has been.

There is no way I feel good about myself right now. I’m overqualified for jobs I don’t want, too young and don’t have enough experience for jobs I do want. I’m really hoping for a break.

Tomorrow I have an interview with a Pregnancy and Newborn magazine for an Assistant Editor position. I’m honestly feeling a little hopeless about it. It seems like the perfect fit. I mean, I wrote my thesis on this. But for the interview I had to do an editing and writing exercise, and I’m really afraid I won’t pass because of those. That, and my track record for getting jobs is pretty sad right now.

It’s obvious I’m young. I just got out of college and don’t have the super experience that comes with time on the job, but I’m hoping someone out there will give me a chance. I’m trainable, and heck, I don’t want a huge salary.

So wish me luck tomorrow. Pray, send positive thoughts, think about me, whatever you like to do, do it around 3:30. I’ll deliver news when I hear it.

Hopefully it won’t be bad news. :/


6 thoughts on “Bluh

  1. I’ll wish you luck and say a prayer for ya! How’s that for covering all the bases? The job market is kind of crazy right now, but so what! You’re young and still kickin’. Try wearing higher heels and showing a little more skin…

  2. I wish you the best of luck! Hang in there you will find something!!! You are a very smart girl with sooooo much to offer! Keep your head up, keep looking forward and soon enough something will find you if you dont’ find it first! Love—Sean’s Sister!

  3. Carolyn, the Pregnancy and Newborn magazine job sounds fabulous! You are way qualified and you will wow them, I’m sure. I hope it goes well.

  4. Sweetie, I’m in the same boat. I’ve sent out a few dozen resumes, and my interview count is: 2 (Actually 1.5, I’ve got one resume out that I’m hoping will lead to an interview.) But things are looking better for both of us. I had a friend say that their job is actually starting to change their stance and hire younger and younger. They realize that younger=healthier, which mean less sick days and more productivity overall. So don’t lose hope (I may need you to comfort me in a while.)

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