Another one bites the dust

So here’s what’s up. I still don’t have a job. That’s right; I wasn’t selected for the Pregnancy and Newborn magazine assistant editor position. I don’t even get upset about these things anymore. It just feels like a part of my everyday routine, getting rejected from everything I look into. I spend my days now applying for any old position, and hoping that someone will notice the fact that I’m pretty kick-ass. Too bad I can’t put that on my resume.

So, in the mood of the season, I’m trying to stay grateful. And, man, do I have a lotta stuff to be grateful for. Firstly, I have way more friends than I thought I did, as evidenced by the number of you who were nice enough to wish me luck after my last entry. People just come out of he woodwork and surprise you with kindness sometimes, and I like it.

Then, my family is pretty much the best family on earth. Last weekend, they pretty much paid me to hang out with them. My grandmother hosted a hair show in Gatlinburg featuring L’Oreal’s top hair artists and models, as well as awesome hairdressers that teach my grandmother’s hair designing methods. It was fan-flipping-tastic. Every time I go visit my family I’m reminded that I come from a group of pretty awesome people, and when we all get together it’s a good time and a half.

Also, Sean is pretty nice, considering I’ve lived in his apartment for going on three months without really paying a bill. I’m surprised he hasn’t fired me as resident girlfriend considering the amount of money I contribute around here. But, being the nice guy that he is, Sean let me pick out a Catterson for our apartment. She’s really the best Catterson on earth.

We (I) decided to name her Lyra after the main character in Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy. So far, she’s a little scared cat. She doesn’t like to be alone, and she cries when she is. Mostly, she’s nothing like the character. When she gets in trouble, she pouts by going to sleep in the cat carrier instead of out in the open. We’re trying to train her to scratch the board we got her, but geez, she’ll scratch anything except that.

Here are pictures of Lyra McCatterson the artist formally known as Kitty McCatterson:


At the shelter, getting ready to come home



Just arrived home, hiding



Getting pets from Sean



A little more comfortable, exploring




Trying to get into the treat bag


I know these are probably like those baby photos from new parents who show you all the same pose over and over and say things like, “Look! Here you can see where he resembles me. And in this one he looks like my great second uncle Steve.” Etc. But it’s exciting that she’s getting comfortable enough to jump around and explore!


4 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. My Dear darling daughter… You are so very talented and quite humorous!!! Let alone very special… It was so fun having you at the hair show this year. Your Grandmother sure knows how to put them on huh?!? I loved spending time with you, even though we didn’t get much sleep!!!

    I will have to agree with Dora,,,in that your job will find you. And I think that you should put on your resume that you are “Kick Ass”!!! It will certainly get their attention and get you noticed!!!!! Why not, it can’t hurt.

    I think Lyra is just beautiful. Just like the rest of her family. I’m thinking about a little vaycay next weekend. May come down that way. I need a break. If I can, I’ll bring that little sofa for her.

    I hope you have a n awesome day Honey. I’ll give you a call a little later this afternoon. I have to make corn bags this weekend.

    Love you,

  2. Carolyn…I agree that your family is extra, extra special!!! As are you! Love the pictures of your “baby”…just ask your Grandmother & G-Daddy how crazy we are about our “boys”!!!! Your job will find you…right now Lyra needs you more.

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