Good things and Ungood things

In the most recent news of my life, I have finally gotten a job! Hooray! I will start Monday as a secretary/catch-all person at a local law firm. The lawyers mainly work on mesothelioma and other product liability cases. Mainly, if a product injures a person, renders them incapacitated, these people work to help them get their lives back.

At first, I thought this sort of things was ridiculous. You see commercials online “Have you or someone you love been exposed to asbestos? Call now!” But after speaking with this lawyer, it seems like he actually wants to help people. These people are exposed to dangerous chemicals or environments and end up with lung diseases or other issues, and end up unable to work. Therefore, they become dependent on the government, and these companies, who were probably just using the cheapest means of production at the time, aren’t being held accountable. In essence, he said, the government is spending money on individuals who are disabled, but the companies get off free.

It’s an interesting concept, and one that I haven’t considered until now.

In other not so good news, Lyra McCatterson has, what I suspect to be a UTI. I’ve been spending all morning, trying to get her into a vet in one form or another. She’s been extra rowdy this morning, scratching things that she normally doesn’t, and squatting to pee in places that are not the litter box. Since we just adopted her, the adoption agency is offering to pay for the vet visit, but I’d have to travel an extra million miles. Oy vey to this.

I just want my regular Catterson back. More updates on the jorb when I start!


2 thoughts on “Good things and Ungood things

  1. CARO! I’m quite glad you were offered a job. I’ve often wondered about such law firms myself. One one hand, I agree that those who can no longer work as a result of an unknown work-related ailment should be taken care of by the company they were working for. On the other hand, I question the underlying assumption that companies should necessarily be held accountable for every possible hazard. Perhaps if companies decided to start requiring all their workers to sign health releases there wouldn’t be such a problem.

    Anyway, congrats again to you. And about the cat, who needs animals. Seriously.

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