Glass half full

Remember when is was cool to put Z’s instead of S’s at the end of things to pluralize them? If you don’t, it was probably when I was in middle school, and most def not cool enough to insert Z’s for my S’s.

I probably looked a lot like this guy.

Anyway, my spirits have been lifted. Partially because I was able to make it to work today (even though I am unsure of my ability to make it home this afternoon!), partially because the sun is shining, and partially because I just decided to stop moping around like a dumb-face.

Today I’m reading a really boring 400-page deposition, searching patents again (YES!), and serving motions to compel that, for some reason, didn’t get served via email last week. Doesn’t that sound legal-y and professional?

This is serious, guyz!

Also, I’m drinking coffee! This is a recipe for ungoodness. I don’t do coffee well. I’m fairly certain that I suffer from some sort of hypersensitivity to caffeine.

When I drink coffee I get super jittery, energetic, sweaty (ewwwww), and get super-sensitive hearing. I can hear the lights glowing right now. Then the weird stomach gurgling comes, followed by anxious nausea.

Ok, this is where I took a break and decided to finish this post the next day.

It took me almost two hours to drive a twenty minute route home last night. I sat in the same spot in front of the MARTA station by my work for forty-five minutes. I am pretty sure nothing makes me angrier than Atlanta traffic. I discussed with my coworker this morning how unhealthy it probably is for my blood pressure to get that high.

I'll have everyone know that I've never honked at anyone out of anger... ever.

It’s the same as when I was younger and threw a fit. You’re really angry for about 30 minutes, halfway listening to NPR and halfway yelling at people in front of you for being so stupid as to leave work at 5:30 P.M. as well.

I'm gonna kill you, Interstate 400!

 Then you get tired of yelling and muttering angry curse words at yourself, and you just sit with a forced patience, because you’re not going anywhere anytime soon, champ.

Oh, Atlanta traffic, you’ll kill me one way or another. Either by accident or by heart attack!


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