Curse you, bathroom phone talker!

There is a woman who works on the same floor as I do in my office building, and every once and a while we end up going to the restroom at the same time. Not too crazy yet. However, she takes the bathroom break as a sign to call and chat with random folks.

Once I went to the restroom to rinse my contacts and she was sitting on the sink—like it was her house–and flirting with some guy over the phone. Not only was it awkward to maneuver around her while trying to rinse my contacts over the sink (so lens solution didn’t get everywhere), but she kept on flirting with her phone man while I was right next to her. Super awkward, obviously not for her though.

Other times I’ve gone in and she’ll be in the stall chatting it up. It’s weird because I am forced to be overly courteous in an attempt to be considerate of her phone call.

“Try to pee quietly! Should I flush? Well then they’ll know she’s in a bathroom.”

 As they should! That’s what she gets for making this an awkward situation.

This time she was talking to her bank! Who makes a professional call on the toilet?

I do!

Not only could I hear her banky business (she just canceled her debit card because someone got her debit card number, and she had no access to her money when she needed it [like when she goes grocery shopping or pays bills] because she didn’t have a card, and can’t they speed it up a little?), but I was forced to hear it. I even waited until the conversation was over to flush.

Maybe people got her debit card number when she was ordering something via phone while on a public toilet (probably this).

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