Cats and cookies

Catterson discovered fairly recently that she can indeed make the jump from the floor to the kitchen counter. This was a few days after she discovered that she could make the jump from our the floor to the dining room table, which is higher than the countertop (we have one of those tables that has bar-stool high chairs. Why people invented elevated dining room tables, I’ll never know, but it was free for us, so… beggars can’t be choosers).

So, she now climbs on the kitchen counters anytime we’re in the kitchen in an attempt to eat whatever we’re making, or at least lick the remains of rinsed-off kitchen ware out of the sink. Weirdo.

This comes on the heels of her hunger strike to end all kibble. “Wet food only!” is her battle cry. This is annoying because 1. I just bought a brand new bag of her $18 prescription dry food. 2. There’s only one can of wet food left. and 3. This cat is the pickiest cat in the history of cats… which translates to EXPENSIVE!

This is my window. If you touch it, I can't sit here for 24 hours, unless there is a squirrel sighting, in which case my hiatus is abandoned.

Blarg, you’re ruining my attempt at saving, cat!

In other news, Girl Scout Cookies are for sale again! I feel like every time I find a cookie I like, they get rid of it. They once had a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips. It was delish. And this year they’re getting rid of Thank You Berry Munch. Boo, I could eat those by the sleeve. So, I’m left with the Lemon Creme Chalets, which have gotten a lot smaller, and will most likely be gone next year because they’re the only ones I like.

I know that’s a little blasphemous, once being a Girl Scout myself. Here are my issues with the other kinds of GS cookies:


Description: “These are doughnut-shaped cookies with a hole in the center, are covered in caramel and toasted coconut, and then striped with chocolate.”

Verdict: I don’t like coconut. Fair and simple. I tried to like these because they look heavenly, but I just can’t get past the coconut.


Description: These are round cookies with a layer of peanut butter on top, and covered in chocolate.”

Verdict: Given all the factors of this cookie, I should like it. However, I find that the chocolate to cookie/peanut butter ratio is often not chocolatey enough. If all my fave flavors are out, I’d have to choose this one, merely for the qualities described on the GS website.


Description: “A sandwich cookie. The round, bumpy perforated oatmeal cookie top and bottom surrounds a peanut butter-layer flavored inside.”

Verdict: This is an example of another cookie that I should like. However, I often find them dry and way too peanut buttery (stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth dry). I guess if you’re a peanut butter lover, this is your perfect cookie. Milk required.

Thin Mints

Description: “The most enduring and universally famous Girl Scout cookie. These round, mint-flavored cookies covered with dark chocolate perennially sell the most boxes of any cookie.”

Verdict: Mint and chocolate do not belong together. I repeat, they should always remain separate when attempting to please my taste buds! Blech and Blarg.


Description: “These shortbread cookies are shaped like the Girl Scout Trefoil design.”

Verdict: My mom used to freeze these and let us suck on them when we were teething. They are probably great, but I associate them with baby drool. (shudder)


Which basic Girl Scout cookie is your favorite?


3 thoughts on “Cats and cookies

  1. i am addicted to the Tagalongs! i LOVE them! and thin mints! they are best frozen! i can eat both of those by the box. the Trefoils are a close third for me. i’ve always liked those as well, though i don’t get them as much as the others.
    William>> the Caramel Delights was another cookie that got discontinued – it used to be a favorite of mine as well. near about anything with caramel gets my vote. and the Samoas get the Polynesian reference from the coconut, which i don’t like, either.

  2. I will always prefer the “Samoas”. There just so wonderful I can’t even describe what I particularly like about them. There is one thing that bugs me, though: I swear that as a kid they were called “Carmel Delights”, a name which sounds infinitely better to me. What’s with the obscure Polynesian reference?

  3. I laughed at this so hard because my cat does the EXACT SAME THING. From licking the rinsed dishes up to the $18 bag of prescription food. The only difference is that he eats that, too, and everything else he can get his paws on every minute of the day. And I am really glad that I am not the only person in the world who thinks that the mint/chocolate combo is offensive and should never, ever happen.

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