These are a few of my favorite blorgs

Because I spend most of klkjjjjjpppppppppp           … That was a message from Catterson.

Because I spend most of my days browsing the iNterWebZ, I have a pretty large array of go-to websites. They are rather multifaceted and really display the intricacies of my inner personality, if I do say so.

Really I just thought I’d share and tell you why I like them.

I really like the website Green Wedding Shoes. I found it while searching for design ideas for my residence hall in college. It’s great if you’re looking for wedding ideas, I guess. I don’t know, I’ve never used it for that. But it has great photos of people’s weddings and receptions that can help people who are throwing any kind of party, decorating a space they want to spruce up, or looking for paper companies to print your business’s Christmas cards (I obviously did this). It sort of makes me want to be an event planner. Le sigh. For example, if you’re throwing a Christmas party, there’s a section called DIY where you can learn to make a felt mistletoe!

If you read my blog regularly (which I don’t expect you to), you’ll know that another website I check regularly is The Pioneer Woman. This website is run by a woman who was a big-city gal turned cowboy’s wife. All her posts are interesting and applicable to real life. She posts little blogs about her life on the farm (like scraping manure off her kids’ jeans), to recipes, and even has little contests so people who follow can win things (like knives and dutch ovens). Reading her blog has convinced me to home school the kids I will most likely not be having.

This is a cow in her window. Cool!

The next two are sort of a pair. Sean showed them to me: The Chive and The Berry. They are essentially photo-blogging websites run on the submissions of users. The Chive is more geared toward guys (with some posts of scantily clad women), and The Berry is more for woman (with posts of hot guys and cute babies). Each website has a random posting or two of the day (The Chive: Daily Afternoon Randomness; The Berry: Morning Coffee). Sometimes they are hit and miss, but sometimes the photos they post are hilarious. It’s worth the perusing to find out.

One great website for celebrity and pop culture gossip is The Frisky. They keep up to date on everything from weird celebrity quotes, to crazy fashion, and the ob tampon scare (note: I was not that afraid). It’s an all-around good, entertaining time-waster.

Do you guys have any go-to entertainment websites (note: this sounds like an invitation to post porn… do not)?


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