Purrrrfect mornings

Catterson woke me up at 3:00 A.M. today. She jumped into bed with a Jetson’s space-plane-like pur. That’s how she lets you know she’s on her way.

I think she knows that I’m a lighter sleeper than Sean. So she comes over to my pillow, plops down right in front of my face and begins mega-purring in my ear. When I don’t respond and instead attempt to go back to sleep, she ensures my consciousness by batting me in the face.

I imagine she’s saying, “Hey. Hey you! Wake up. Hello, I’m right here. Are you up yet?” So I start petting her in zombie mode, wishing I were less conscious than I had to be to zombie-pet my cat.

Then she started pawing at the covers.

This is another new thing of hers. She likes to get under the covers.

Again, in zombie mode, I lift the covers, risking the horribleness of all the heat escaping so my cat can climb in bed with me. Meanwhile, Sean is dead to the world in super-ZZZ land.

She snuggles in between Sean and I, stealing all the heat that I’ve been working diligently all night to build up… By sleeping. Anyway.

So, as soon as the cat gets comfy and stops purring like a freaking motor over a speaker box, Sean turns over and mushes the cat and she runs out from under the covers…

To sleep on top of my face.

After I got up for real this morning, a little more tired than usual, I passed by the bedroom and found the cat fast asleep in the bed, stealing the warmth from where I had just gotten up.

You pirate, you!


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