Potty Chatter 2

I got a virus on my computer at work yesterday. If we all had Macs, this wouldn’t have happened. Anyway, I clicked on a pop-up that looked like a rather authentic Windows virus warning. After that my computer went kuputz. It seems like, of all people, I should have known better since I live with computer guy Sean. My boss said it was the same situation as when his wife gets a speeding ticket. You’d think since her husband’s a lawyer, she’d … follow the law.

I resented being compared to a law breaker for my mistake, but oh well.

So, yesterday afternoon was an afternoon of a lot of frustration as I attempted for about three hours to remedy the situation on my own. I decided to take a break, take a walk, visit the restroom. And guess who was there? Chatting it up on her phone?


She was standing right in front of the door, so there was no mistaking it was her. Let me tell you what I know about her from my mere 1-2 minute encounter:

  • She has 2 kids in private school whose tuition would be $40,000 if they did not receive scholarships from said school
  • She does not own a home. Instead, she rents.
  • She does not have health insurance for herself or her children.
  • She’ll need to be forwarded $1,000 for some transaction she is completing with said person on other end. That, or she’ll be left with a mere $100 in her bank account. So, from this we can deduce that she has too many bills, doesn’t get paid enough (highly unlikely since she spends her work hours on her cell phone in the bathroom), or that she does not know how to save.

Is it necessary for her to discuss this in the public restroom? It’s no wonder someone stole her credit card.

Also, Sean fixed my work computer this morning. Lesson learned. Don’t click on anything ever.


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