Happy Hearts

I know it’s Valentine’s Day, and people have a lot of mixed feelings about today. Some people say it’s a marketing strategy posed by big businesses to makes lotsa dough and capitalize off sappy lovey doves.

Some people claim it’s “Single’s Awareness Day,” using it as an excuse to dually celebrate and hate their lack of a significant other.

I like Valentine’s Day. I don’t love it. But I think, like anything in life, it is what you make it. Every since I was little my mom has used it as an excuse to remind us how much she loves us (not that she didn’t do it everyday) and as an excuse to buy us new underwear.

I’ve never done the kind of Valentine’s Day that involved roses and chocolates (although I’ve inevitably gotten a Whitman’s Sampler baby-sized pack every so often!). It’s been more of a happy to be with the people I like kind of day. A day to be reminded of and extra grateful for people who keep me going.

So, in an effort to make people less cynical about it. Here’s a random list of things I like:

  1. My cat. Even when she wake me up at 3:00 A.M. to try to get under the covers. And when she sneezes in Sean’s face to wake him up. That’s the best. I like it when she purrs in my ear and her whiskers tickle my nose. I like it when she makes a Jetsons sound when she jumps on the couch/bed/counter. I like when she falls asleep in my lap.
  2. Disney movies. I like singing along. I ignore their sexist/racist/whatever else undertones. I like enjoying the animation. I like empathizing with the characters. Just like Mulan, I’ve tried to find my place in the world while making my family proud. Just like Aladdin, I’ve felt like I’m barely getting by. Just like Belle, I’ve been mercilessly perused by the town macho man, only to want something more meaningful, something that can only be found in fantastical literature… Ok, not so much the last one.
  3. French bulldogs. I know this has nothing to do with anything. But I think they are just the funniest-looking and cutiest-faced dogs ever. I want to get one and name him/her Stitch after the alien/monster from “Lilo and Stitch.”
  4. Sean. He starts laundry, cleans, makes dinner, etc. when he know’s I’ll be too tired to do so/don’t want to. He reads Atlas Shrugged while I read Dr. Zhivago and She’s Come Undone. He holds the cat, risking multiple wounds, while I give her medicine. He pays bills I can’t afford. He snuggles when I’m a down. Also, he tells me to quit whining when I need to just quit whining.
  5. My momma-llama. When I’m mad I can call her and vent. When I’m happy I can call her and rejoice. When I’m sad I can call her and whine. My mom is great times a bazillion.

So instead of thinking about how much Valentine’s Day makes you sad/mad, etc. Be grateful for the people you love and the people who love you.


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