Hoorah for Friday

This week has gone by fairly quickly. I attribute that to my newfound good attitude. Yes, that’s right, this week has moseyed (mosied?) it’s way to the weekend in an expedited fashion just because I decided to quit being a mope-a-saur.

So now it’s Friday, and I am ready for this weekend. Sean and I went grocery shopping last night, and agreed to do our chores tonight so that we can have the whole weekend to… well, we don’t really have plans, but to not spend the weekend cleaning!

If I did have the money/time to do anything I wanted here’s what I might do this weekend:

Take a Trip. Not a far away trip, just somewhere in Georgia.

Like Blue Ridge, which has lots of fun little shops and stuff. There’s even a Christmas store called Fezziwig’s. Like the guy from A Christmas Carol! They play Christmas music all year long and sell ornaments and decorations. Not only for Christmas, but for Halloween (you can get a Halloween tree) and other holidays!

Or I could go to Helen, Georgia which was fashioned to look like an Alpine Village. All the buildings look tudorish and quaint.

Christmas in Helen

Or we could go to Savannah, Georgia which has a rich history and lots of ghost story tours. Also it’s pretty.

If only I could convince Sean to spend money on something other than computers and electronics. Oh well, here’s to wishful thinking.

Decorate the Apartment. Again this would involve a lot of money that we don’t have/don’t want to spend. And, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am a little lacking in the interior decorating department. Mostly, I can’t even dress myself, how am I expected to know how to piece together an apartment. They should have classes on this. Wait, they do? Oh…

Play Outside. It’s still a little too cold for this, but I really want to go kayaking on the Chattahoochee River. Sean and I have always been interested in kayaking, but we never seem to have the resources/money. But now that he works for the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area, I think we can “borrow” their kayaks. We went for a mini-hike last weekend, but it was getting cold down by the river, so we headed back after about an hour of exploring. This weekend is supposed to be nice, though, so we’ll see.

Ok, so those are just a few of the activities I’d like to partake in this weekend. I may do some of them in one form or another, maybe not in the fashion I’d like. But poor beggars can’t be choosers, as I like to say! Hoorah for Friday, because it means I’m that much closer to two whole days off!


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