I am a Hufflepuff

Firstly, let me start by saying that’s not true. I am a Ravenclaw by heart. However, whenever I get huffy, Sean tells me I’m being a Hufflepuff. So, the point of the title is that I’m feeling a little huffy right now.

(Remember when we all rode neon pink Huffy bikes?)

Ok, back on topic. I want to hang out with Paula Deen. I want her to hand-feed me buttery-fried desserts that she made in her own kitchen with her new line of cookware and bakeware. I want her to use the robin’s egg blue pans…

Hey, y'all!

Anyway, while she doesn’t make the healthiest things (or sometimes the tastiest), there’s obviously a market for stick-of-butter cooking or you’d have no idea who I was talking about. What gets me about the Paula Deen controversy is that people are so mean to this woman, and in turn really mean about the people who like her.

Now, I’m fairly sure you’ve noticed that Paula Deen generally makes what would be considered a regional type of food, specifically Southern food. Now, Southern food has a long history in… the south. And there’s a reason that it was made the way it was. As is evidenced by the current educational situation in the Southeastern region, this area was pretty heavily dependent on agriculture.

Back in the day people farmed their own foods (and it was all organic), and made what they could with what they had. Also, as a result of them working the land, the people in the South probably burned about 3000 calories a day (or more), and that included the women. They made their butter by hand and used it as a fat to keep their stuff from sticking to the pan.

So Paula Deen’s high-calorie cooking is not just some fancy whimsy she can afford since she makes bank off of it every year, but is based in the reality of the region from which she came.

We all know it’s not healthy because we don’t burn zillions of calories a day by doing hard labor. But still, cut Paula Deen some slack.

Which brings me to my next point, all these news reports on the obesity rate in America are getting a little old. We get it. We’re fat. But I think we’re missing the point.

The First Lady’s “Let’s Move” Campaign, in my opinion seems to be on the right track. Some extremists think she’s trying to tell you how to eat. The point of Obama’s campaign, as far as I can tell from hearing her talk about it, is to know where your food comes from and what you’re putting in your mouth. She’s not trying to boss America around like a cranky grandma. She’s trying to advocate for us. So we aren’t blinded by the tricks of the food business, the advertising, the cheap ways they cut corners, etc.

She’s not saying you can’t have a cheeseburger. In fact, she’s admitted that the cheese of burg is one of her favorite foods. Instead she’s saying, know what’s in your beef, know how they make your cheese, know what country your tomato came from.

She’s not saying you can’t have dessert, but try making it yourself with natural ingredients instead of choosing the prepackaged, frozen option.

While we’re all busy shunning Paula Deen, her very bad-for-you foods are still in line with a healthier lifestyle. People may have fried their okra, but they knew where it came from and that there were not pesticides and preservatives injected into it. People may have used a lot of butter in their pies, but they made the butter themselves and burned off the pie calories churning that butter. People may have eaten a lot, but they got their bodies moving.

Back in the day food was just as much for tasting good as it was for propelling your body to do the tasks it needed to do.

I’m feeling like a Hufflepuff because I’m mad at America’s relationship with food. Make good choices, people, based on what you do and what you want. And stop hating on people who try to make it easier for you to make yummy food and better food choices.


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