Jobs I think are cool

I know there is a whole register of traditional jobs that people go to college for. I mean, we study for 4 or more years and get plugged into the job network, right? Well, not recently. Recently, we study for 4+ years and then struggle to get a job for which we’re over qualified.

Today I’ve been thinking of jobs that don’t necessarily require a college degree, but that seem like fun and interesting occupations.

Tattoo Artist. How does one train to become that? Well, if you went the college path, you’d probably major in art. How cool would it be to take a class on body art? Imagine the point where you draw your first tattoo on a human body! That’s crazy. There’s nothing for you to practice on, is there? Nothing similar to human flesh. You’d have to account for the curves of the body, where the bones are, the thinnest and thickest parts of skin. It can’t be easy. The coolest tattoo, I think, is a sleeve. There’s so much you can do with that space on your body. The way it moves has great potential for art, no?

Astronaut. When I think of astronauts, I imagine Sputnicky space suits and 1960s television screens. I have no idea what real astronauts do, other than what I imagine they do: float in space in giant suits that let you pee your pants… right? But really, they don’t all go to space, right? They mostly work here on earth. Don’t you have to be specially selected to be an in-space astronaut. According to an MSNBC article, there are only usually 20 openings a year for astronauts. What? Why is this only government controlled? Privatize that! Then we can all be astronauts!

Doug Savage is too funny.

Roller Coaster Designers. Imagine. You are responsible for the fun and excitement of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people a year! Ever since Roller Coaster Tycoon came out in the 90s, I like to fancy myself a professional roller coaster designer. However, there is apparently a lot of education that goes into this profession. You need engineering, architecture, lotsa math and physics. Lame. It seemed so easy on the video game, what with pre-molded coaster tracks and easily erasable designs when you mess up. I would just hope that the designers are the first ones to get to test them once they’re built.

Cruise Ship Entertainer. Not only do you get to dance and have fun every night, but when the ship is docked and people are out roaming the beaches, you might get to too. I’m not really sure how this works, but I’m pretty sure you’ve got to be allotted some time off whilst on the cruise ship which means you could potentially have a lot of fun. I know that these people are probably used to it, and being a constant cruiser has probably lost it’s awesomeness, but the potential for fun could be there… Just saying.

These are just a few of the jobs I thought would be fun. What do you think? Are there any I haven’t listed that you think look cool?


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