What is a calling?

Again, Doug Savage is hilarious.

Am I being called? Or am I just bored?

As the summer slowly approaches, I am feeling pulled away from my current position. Here’s the deal. At my local YMCA, I saw the pamphlets for YMCA summer camp. And I really really REALLY want to apply for a summer camp counselor position. I think about all the fun I had going on field trips, hanging out with kids, teaching them new things, and learning from them, when I was a summer camp counselor for two summers.

As much I say I hate kids, and as much as I feel unappreciated at the end of the day, the truth is I felt like I was making a difference in someone’s life when I was a summer camp counselor. So I am really struggling not to apply for the YMCA summer camp counselor positions that are available.

I know what you’re supposed to do, go with your gut. Or is that weigh the pros and cons? Well, if I weighed the pros and cons…

Pros of my current job:

  • Better pay
  • I get to choose my own hours
  • Will still have a job at the end of summer

Cons of my current job:

  • Feel like I’m not contributing to something bigger
  • Don’t fit in with the crowd of other employees
  • Stuck at a desk all day
  • Feel like the life is being sucked out of me via computer screen

Pros of YMCA Summer Camp Job:

  • Feeling of fulfillment/like I’m contributing/making a difference
  • Getting paid to have fun
  • Getting to know people my own age

Cons of YMCA Summer Camp Job:

  • Longer work days
  • Less pay
  • Can’t workout Tuesday and Thursday mornings (hey, this is a big deal to me)
  • No job guarantee afterward

I would feel bad, since I’ve only been at my current job since October, and I was really looking forward to hitting the one-year with one job mark which is hard to do when you’re in college.

It might look bad on my resume if I bail on this place so early.

So I need some advice, people!

Should I apply for the YMCA job? Should I stick with my current job? Should I try to work something out with both? Please express some thoughts/ideas. I need it.


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