Step aerobics: Revisited

So in my last post about step aerobics, I made it seem like something that only old ladies and stay-at-home moms went to. And that’s because at my YMCA, that’s the main demographic. I mean, it’s the Buckhead YMCA, it’s a buncha rich people. You know I saw a Maserati parked outside once.

Every Saturday and Sunday morning, my routine involves a step aerobics class (with an extra weight lifting class on Saturday). Anyway, I was at step on Sunday morning, and the instructor told us that there are troops of extreme steppers that are apparently awesome.

Essentially, she said it looks like they are dancing and there just happens to be a step in the way. She told us to check it out on YouTube.

So, to begin with, this is the kind of step I do. Basic step, some intervals in between.

Basic, not too dancy, the lady calls the moves out as you go. Sort of like kickboxing, but obviously with different moves.

Now check out the extreme steppers:

  1. That’s, like, way more of a workout, dude. Is it sustainable for the 50 minute step class period, though? I could do it, if I knew the routine.
  2. I might break my ankle, though.
  3. It looks like just a routine for one song.
  4. They are cooler than I am. I step with a bunch of old white ladies to Footloose.

Here’s another video just to remind you how uncool I am:


One thought on “Step aerobics: Revisited

  1. For the record, I go to step classes WITH MY MOM. And I like how in the last video it pans from the black people breaking it down to the white lady hanging in there to the Asians being totally lost. Ha.

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