Funny things my cat does

I’ve spent all day icing my groin, then heating it back up with a heating pad, then icing it again, etc. I haven’t been lazy in my day off, (I may have gone to the YMCA to get some exercise in, but don’t tell Sean, and he doesn’t read my blog, so, meh to him).

I have been resting, though, and I have had a chance to watch my cat throughout the day. And she is so funny.

  1. She has a giant scratching post, but she prefers to scratch the carpet, and the rug, and the couch, and the curtains in our room. But not the curtains in the guest bedroom. When she does want a nice, long scratch, she’ll use the post. But right after a nap, she loves the rug.
  2. She waits till 3 am to come sleep with me. And then when she does, she sleeps ON me. Sometimes she’ll sleep in the curl of my leg, but she’d really rather sleep on me in a weird place, like on the back of my legs or in the small of my back so that I cant move once I get uncomfortable in that position. She’s stealing the heats.
  3. She likes tummy scratches only 1/4 of the time. The other times, she’s tricking you into her cute kitty trap. She lures you in with the hopes of scratching a soft kitty tummy. Then she attacks with the viciousness of a lioness on the hunt.
  4. She’ll beg for food when it’s food time (including waking you by pawing you in the face for it), and then not eat it. She just decided that she wanted to smell it. She wanted the option of eating it… Lame. Then she decides to eat it later…

Mostly, she probably does the same stuff as other cats. But when you stay home all day with your cat, you notice weird cat things.


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