Hobbies I could take up:

Sean always tells me that I need a hobby. He like time to play video games, and if I don’t have anything else to do he can’t play. I’m a burden on him, is what he’s trying to say. Loserhead.

I’m annoying.

So here are some hobbies I have been considering:

  1. Photography: I’d would need an expensive camera and photo editing software, but once I got that I’m sure I could be a great photographer. I like the concept of photography, I just don’t have the equipment. Any suggestions on beginner DSLRs? Photography books for beginners? Photo editing software?
  2. Scrapbooking: I already really like crafty things like scrapbooking, but I’ve never really made a scrapbook before. I mean, i made one once for my mom for her birthday, but it was most definitely a beginner’s attempt. Toward the end it got sloppy. This hobby is also really expensive. That and I don’t have much to scrapbook about.
  3. Interior Decorating: I really, really want to be good at this. I’ve mentioned it twice before, in two separate posts. But for some reason I just can’t get a move on this. It seems impossible. What if I make a wrong choice? Then I have to live with it forever! That and I’ll probably be a bad decorator.
  4. Biking: This is another one of those expensive hobbies. But I’d really like to be one of those people who make drivers angry by biking on the road. Also their biking outfits are way cool.
  5. Event Planning: I think I would be a good event planner. I did it all throughout college, and by the time I got to the event I was usually too tired to enjoy it. Now, though, I think I could have my cake and eat it too. But in real life I don’t like cake.
  6. Baking: As I peruse recipe websites at work, I really wish I could be a professional baker. I’ve mentioned before (not here, but to people) that I would love to open up a bakery. But I’m just not that great yet. Also I don’t like cake.
  7. On an online list of hobbies I found the idea for spiritual healing. I don’t know what kind of “hobby” that is, putting people’s hopes into your spiritual healing abilities… Sounds sketch.

Any other ideas? My boyfriend is getting tired of me.


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