New March resolutions

It’s a little late for New Year’s resolutions, so I’ve decided to make a resolution in March.

I just ordered the National Geographic magazine for a year (only $15 for a year’s subscription). I did this because

  1. I have a need to single-handedly keep the magazine business alive. Take that internet!
  2. I love reading them at work.

You can see how number 2 causes problems. Ok, not really. No one talks to me unless they want me to do something they don’t, and they only walk by when they are going to the bathroom or out to lunch.

But I am feeling a little guilty about supplementing my home reading material with my boss’s subscription to NatGeo. Not that he notices, or that anyone else does. I’m the only one who reads it.

Anyway, my new March resolution is to read every article in my newly subscribed-to magazine. I feel like since my brain won’t be expanding in graduate school, I could at least attempt to teach myself some things.

For example, in the March edition there are articles about the domestication of domestic animals, how Fido became man’s best friend. There’s also a short article on how to quantify 7 billion. We see large numbers like that all the time, and do they really mean anything to us? No, they’re just more than 100, which (I think) is the highest number that human brains can actually wrap themselves around.

Maybe I’ll even blog about what I’ve learned. Aren’t you all excited? All five of you!

(Note: Neither Sean or my mom reads my blog.)


2 thoughts on “New March resolutions

  1. i read every one you post – i subscribed! (i just don’t always comment) and i LOVE National Geographic! i plan on getting my own subscription once i have a place of my own.

  2. i read your blog! and what grad schools did you apply to? it’s a hard process. what are you wanting to go to school for?

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