Can’t catch a break

The cat is trying really hard to get comfortable on my bony shins right now. I’m sitting in bed, feet straight in front of me, and the cat is jarbling herself around trying to sleep on the narrowest part of my body (other than my neck).

Oh your shins are so comfy!

I told you she sleeps on the most uncomfortable parts of your body. But I think she’s just trying to show me that she loves me.

Ya know why she wants to show me how much she loves me? Because I’m home sick with the strep. Yep, you read it correctly I’m sitting at home in bed with the strep throat. No I haven’t been to the doctor, but experience tells me that the red, irritated throat and the white drainage near my uvula indicates strep throat.

My glands are also swollen which, as a side note, makes me feel like I’m constantly on the verge of gagging. It doesn’t bode well for my breakfast.

I’ve been banned from going to work (by Sir Sean) because, “No one likes strep. Do your coworkers a favor and don’t go.”

If you all remember, I pulled my groin on Tuesday morning, which had me out of work on Tuesday and Wednesday. So mostly, I’ve made no money this week.

Not only that, though, but I’ve been banned from exercising. I told Sean since he won’t be here that he won’t know if I sneak out for a short exercise class. But then he told me he’d just look in the laundry basket for my sweaty workout clothes. Darn you, logic.

Today is supposed to be my one day off from exercise. Fridays I don’t work out. I know, crazy. But Sean will be home tomorrow and most definitely won’t let me go to the most important exercising of all–Saturday workout!

I might die.

Maybe I should write a post about my obsession with working out. It’s not a disorder. I promise.


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