Fitten, fitten, who’s got the mittens

I say that phrase to my cat sometimes. Also I call her fitten and fitten-head because I think it’s appropriate.

Check out these mittens.

Anyway, I have returned from the CVS Minute Clinic. Firstly, let me say that they charge out the wazoo, and I expect to be billed in full from my crappy insurance company.

The nurse practitioner there (because it’s just a clinic, they don’t have to have a full-on doctor) said that it didn’t look like strep throat, but that she would do a quick strep test and a send-out strep test in case.

She also said that the back of my throat looked like hamburger it was so raw.

Hello, throat.

Apparently Georgia pine trees are so bad that people who just move here are often stricken with allergies. What?! Pine trees? Is that for real? I’ve lived in the Great Smoky Mountains where pine trees rule the roost of trees.

You know why? Because they’re pokey and evergreener than other trees.

Anyway, she said that white stuff that I thought was strep was probably huge loads of drainage from my new-found allergy. Gross I know.

Wanna know something even grosser?

She said I should mix liquid Benadryl with Maalox and gargle them. She said it would coat my raw hamburger throat. Benadryl and Maalox. Nastified. I refuse. I’ll stick to warm salt water.

She said I could probably exercise tomorrow (VICTORY!), unless the send-out strep test comes back positive.


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