Bendryl + Maalox… Yum

So I finally caved last night around 8:00 P.M., and Sean drove me to the CVS down the road and bought me some Benadryl and Maalox to gargle.

Yes, to gargle.

I was apparently really annoying to the pharmacist, whom I tried to keep asking about the mixture.  She kept sighing and saying it was the “magic mouthwash.”

I called to her from in front of the counter, “Is it for sore throat?”

“Yes!” She called back. Yikes, sorry. Don’t mess with the pharmacist 30 minutes before she hast to leave.

So we got the stuff: Mint flavored Maalox and Grape children’s Benadryl. We went home. Sean mixed it, and I gargled.

Firstly, it didn’t taste too bad. Both the flavors were really muted, so it was more like mint than anything else.

Twoly, it actually worked. Now, the mixture is a little thick, a little thinner than paste. It’s a little hard to gargle, and I sounded like a clogged garbage disposal about to explode. But the thickness really covered my throat.

I tried to cough after gargling the weird mixture, and it didn’t hurt near as much. It was great.

So next time you’re at some dinky clinic and the nurse prescribes you a weird combination of fake drugs, don’t be as hesitant as I was. I wish I had tried it earlier in the day to avoid my sore throat.

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