A weekend at home

I usually don’t post very often on the weekends, but I’ve spent most of this weekend at home, inside, and asleep.

I cannot remember a weekend when I slept more than I have this weekend. Maybe it’s because my body is trying to recover from whatever I have (I’m suspicious of the “allergies” diagnosis I was given at the clinic).

Saturday I woke up early, and Sean made a really good eggs and toast breakfast. And then I went back to bed. I got up to exercise at the YMCA. Throughout the whole step and weight lifting classes, I felt like I could not get enough air into my lungs.

Bluh. I felt like one of those out of shape ladies who comes to exercise classes once a month and takes like 700 water breaks in one class.

No offense to that kind of lady, and good for her for at least getting some physical activity at least every so often. But when you’re a 6-day-a-week exerciser, it feels crappy when your lungs are like, “No thanks, we’re feeling a little like bricks today.”

After exercising, I came home, had lunch, and slept from about 12 to 2. I woke up, had a bowl of cereal, and went back to bed until 4.

Then I went to sleep at 8.

I apparently didn’t even want to watch Lilo and Stitch yesterday. That’s when you know something’s wrong.

Today mimicked yesterday. Got up, ate breakfast, back to bed, exercise, shower, back to bed. I didn’t do the 2-4 nap today.

What is wrong with me? Can allergies cause this feeling of your lungs not filling all the way? I hate feeling gross and sickly.


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