Retirement plans

This weekend Sean lectured me about starting a retirement fund so that I can have enough money to stop working at some point when I’m old. He said some stuff about not being dependent on social security, and how I should invest, blah blah blah.

I wasn’t planning on being dependent on social security. In fact, I wasn’t planning at all.

Now that I feel like I should be investing in my retirement I’ve been thinking of things that would be fun to do as retirement plans.

Open a bakery. I’ve always liked to bake, and I think it would be fun to get up early every day and make yummy pastries. The only issue is that I really don’t like cake. Although I am interested in learning about cake and cake decorating.

Own a campground. My mom has always talked about doing this. It just seems like a good way to meet interesting people. Also, camping is always fun, and you could have big bonfires all the time. S’mores everyday!

Tutor kids. I pretty much do this already, but it would be cool to spend a few hours a day helping kids out and that be my only job. Then I could be a fun old person other times.

Volunteer at the historic cemetery. Atlanta has a historic cemetery where there are lots of cool dead people buried. And, hey, if I’m old I should familiarize myself with death, right?

I think these are fantastic retirement plans. Now I just need to start saving… Sigh.


One thought on “Retirement plans

  1. Cake? Why do you need to like or know about cakes to own a bakery? When I think of bakeries (one of my perspective retirement plans, too) croissants, scones, muffins, beignets, focaccia, pugliese, and other artisan breads come to mind. No need for cake! That’s something you grandmother is supposed to make for your birthday not buy from a bakery. (and, I know the “bakery” in Kroger sells such things, but that’s not really a bakery)

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