My boss is on a ski trip with his family. It’s supposed to be a family vacation, I’m assuming. As in, it’s meant to spend time with his family.

However, he calls the office once every 3 or 4 hours. Once he called and said, “Who do I need to talk to in order to find out what I need to be worrying about?”

Firstly, let me post-preface this whole thing by saying that he spends more time at the office or at work-related traveling engagements than he ever has with his family. I know his family is upset about it.

When we had the company Christmas party, and every was drunk except Sean and I. My boss went on and on about how awesome it was tor receive his first $800,000 paycheck. And his wife went on and on about how he spends more time with his staff than his kids.

They were both talking at the same time. My boss to Sean, his wife to me.

They reminisced about their marriage. How his wife married him when he didn’t even have a car. And now look at them, dropping a few thousand on a fancy dinner and hotel, driving a Mercedes, kids in private school.

Sean and I talked about it afterward, and we both agreed that family just isn’t something we’d be willing to sacrifice for an enormous paycheck.

Sean said that my boss probably felt like he had to provide a certain lifestyle for his family. That may be his way of showing love to his family. Nice things. Extravagant vacations. New toys.

Personally, I’m glad my family spent Friday nights together eating frozen pizza watching “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” on TGIF. I’m glad we took vacations camping just a county away, so my mom could just drive home if we needed more food. I’m glad my mom led my Girl Scout Troop and my brother’s Boy Scout Troop. I’m glad we made Christmas cookies together every year. I’m glad we carved pumpkins every Halloween.

My mom wasn’t a bazillionaire. We didn’t have the newest clothes, a fancy car, or lots of gadgets, but we spent a lot of time together.

And I’d rather have that then all those material things.


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