Give up the funk

For some reason, when I’ve been going to exercise, I just get this really bad attitude. An instructor I see often has even commented to the class, ” Are you all in a funk? Or do I just have a bad attitude?”

She was asking honestly. Is it you guys? Or is it me thinking it’s you guys?

And the truth is, it was me.

I don’t know what my deal is. I thought about it today and here’s a list of reasons why I could be in an exercise funk:

  1. I just need to change up my routine. You know when you find classes you like with instructors and people you like and you go to the same classes every week? At the same times. Maybe you don’t. But I have a strict exercise schedule and I stick to it. Fo’ sho. But maybe it’s getting a little stale and the excitement and endorphins aren’t doing what they used to.
  2. I can’t breathe when cardio gets cardio-y. I am attributing this to my recent acquiring of allergies. Thanks, Georgia. But as soon as it starts to get sweaty in a class, it seems like my airways start to close up and constrict themselves. It’s all psychological. I get mad at myself because it feels like I’m getting out of shape. Like I can’t do the things that I could do a few weeks ago because I can’t keep up respiratorily. That’s not a word, but so what?
  3. My life is pretty much a giant highway. You know when you’re on the highway traveling, and you get to a point when there’s nothing left to look at? You’ve been driving the same straight road for hours now and everything looks the same, pavement and yellow lines. Well, that’s about how my life is feeling. I stick to the same schedule every week, and work is the same monotony, false drama, and blahdee blah blah. I need something fun in my life. That or a need a spring break to sleep my face off. I just feel like I’m going through the motions instead of living.
  4. I need friends. I did get invited to a party that’s happening this weekend. But anyone who knows me knows that’s not really my scene. I’m more of a hiking, exploring, museum not getting drunk and dancing kinda gal. But I feel as though having someone who’s not Sean to relate to might be good for me. At this point, the only people I have things in common with are the 40 year olds I meet at the YMCA. I feel like I could find people my age with similar interests at a church, but I don’t want to have deal with the whole religion factor.

I made sure to stay after class today to tell my favorite instructor that, “It’s not you. It’s me.” That I’m just in a funk that’s had a hold on me for a while. That it most definitely isn’t her fault, and that I’m trying to work it out.

She was very appreciative because she honestly thought it was her fault. Boo. I don’t want other people to feel bad because of my bad attitude.

I need to figure out a way to get over the funk that I’m in.

This is me on one of my beautiful days.

2 thoughts on “Give up the funk

  1. hang in there! you’re where i was before i went to MC! you will have to do some soul-searching and some exploring of different possibilities, but you’ll find what you need and where you are “supposed” to be! it took me 12 years after high school before i finally found a track and got on it. you’re already on your way, though. you’ll get there! until you get a definite destination, try to enjoy the journey!

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