The hand-washing debate

I started to notice this when I first moved to Tennessee in third grade. We would all line up outside the restrooms before lunch, use the restroom, and then wash our hands to prepare to eat. However, many children who were in my class didn’t get their hands wet before putting soap in their hands.

I’d always been taught to wet my hands before putting soap in them because it helps lather it up. Think about it, you don’t put shampoo in your hair before getting it wet.

This probably isn’t a big deal now that we have that foaming soap (which is essentially watered down soap. I refuse to buy this kind. If I have a foaming soap dispenser, I’d rather buy a whole refill of soap and water it down myself. Saves money.).

Sean washes his hands this way, which, might I add, results in soap on the sink handles.

But if you’re using regular goopy (not foaming) soap, doesn’t it just make sense to wet your hands first? Otherwise you’re just rinsing the soap off your hands.

According the the CDC and the Mayo Clinic, I’m right. Glad I cleared that up.

In every single demonstration graphic, it explains that you are first supposed to wet your hands before soaping them. Get it right, people!

2 thoughts on “The hand-washing debate

  1. In the last image, on this site, it is shown to be wrong. i am a health and social care student and the last stage on the image is wrong. the last stage is meant to be shown of the elbows taking the paper towel, as then what if someone had already touched the paper and then the germs from the last person would now be on the person grabbing the paper towel.

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