Sunny Sunday

Minus the fact that I still only have one cat, today was a fantabulous day. The cat kept Sean and I up all night. She jumped on our heads. She wanted under the covers. She wanted out of the covers. She wanted in the window. She wanted to sleep on my entire pillow. She coughed up a fur ball. She batted my hand. I put my hand under the covers. She batted my face.

Come on, Catterson. Let me sleeeeeeep! So we got up at 7:00, without daylight savings 6:00. Blargh. And as soon as we get out of bed to feed her…Thanks, guys! ZZzzZZZZzzzz.

Oh, Fitteny Mitten-Head. Too small.

So then we got up and Sean made us what I like to call toasties. They do not involve toast. They are essentially egg and cheese on English muffins. They are tasty. While we ate we watched an early morning documentary on PBS about Patagonia with Jack Hanna. I like mornings like that.

I skipped exercise today because I needed to, and well, I wanted to, too. Sean had to work yesterday so this was the only day we got to spend together this weekend.

Then we did laundry, blah blah blah, and went grocery shopping. And, exciting, I got a new kind of Greek yogurt to try. Also I got some frozen fruit for smoothies.Oh, and cuties, those little tangerine-mandarin oranges. Yum

Then we went home and had a way yummy lunch of cuties, bananas, sandwiches with the yummy new (and expensive) Boar’s Head turkey we got. I had a pickle, and Sean and I split a mini bag of chips. Delicious.

Then we went outside to enjoy the day. Sean bought the cat a leash. Laugh, I did. But we tried to get her to enjoy some sun on the porch, but she freaked out and rolled around on the dirty cement trying to get her collar off. Needless to say, we let her back in.

Then I made some of my yummy sauteed green beans, some chicken and prosciutto tortellini (I didn’t know there was prosciutto in it till I had already made it and tried a bite, not going to take it back then), and some homemade garlic bread. Sean had a salad. So, veggies are in!

Maybe we’ll have those fruit smoothies for dessert!

Oh, I also got stuff to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch! Hoorah for yummy good days!


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