Super Sunday Surprise is Canceled

Blah. I hate to do this to you, but sometimes money just gets in the way of things you want to do. I got an email on Friday from a lady with Furkids the local pet adoption center that I cat I had been spying was no longer on hold for another couple, and was therefore available for adoption.

I have been eyeing this guy for some time now, but another couple already had dibs on him. So I asked her to hold him for me for a weekend adoption.

I was going to surprise everyone by saying that I’d gotten another cat, but after discussing it with Sean and thinking about my work hours and upcoming larger bills, I was convinced that a spur-of-the-moment cat adoption was probably not a good choice after all.

We’ve only had Lyra for 5 months now, and things are going well. There is potential for so much to go wrong in terms of cat relationships (will they get along?), and apartment-destroying potential (what if he sprays? what if he destroys the couch instead of the scratching post?). But money was the main deciding factor.

I hate money.

Because I want to save all the kitties from their two-foot by three-foot crates in the corner of Petsmart.

I just want them all to have homes and kitty friends and lots of snuggles and loves. But I don’t have a cat farm. I have a small apartment with a company that will charge us if the apartment smells different when we move out.

So, the super Sunday surprise was going to be another kitty, but I realized that I was probably rushing into the decision, and not thinking of the well-being of both cats.

I would hate to have to take him back to the shelter because I couldn’t afford him.

I feel like such a bad person. One for getting the kitty’s hopes up, and two for not being able to adopt him.


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