Southern travels

I’m about to complain. I didn’t give complaining up for Lent. In fact, I didn’t give anything up for Lent, or add anything (like giving extra compliments) as is the new trend.

Which makes me wonder, can you just change a religious tradition like that? Can you just adjust it to how you want to be? I think adding something like being a mostly positive person is not as quantifiable as giving something up. And for those of you who allow yourselves the thing you gave up on Sundays, does that mean you’re allowed to not do the thing you added on Sundays? If so, does Sunday become a negative day?

See how complicated it gets? You can’t just change a time like Lent to suit your need for Facebook, or whatever.

Ok, I’m done with that.

Anyway, what I wanted to complain about was the number of people who travel to Atlanta and 1. Don’t even know I live here, or 2. Don’t even bother to tell me or try to meet up.

I see bazillions of Facebook announcements that say, “Just got back from Atlanta. Boy, was it a city!”

Maybe they don’t want to see me. Maybe they think I’m mean because I didn’t give up complaining for Lent, or because I didn’t add on niceness for Lent.


It would just be nice to meet up with friends and/or people I know from Maryville College or even people I went to high school with (yes I’m talking to you, girl who I played soccer with in high school and is now a millionaire physical therapist in sunny Florida who flies to Atlanta every weekend to go shopping and who probably doesn’t read my blog). Isn’t that what people do?

Maybe not with me.

If you’re in or around the Atlanta area, let me know. I’d love to see you, but may not be able to because my boss has me scrounging through thousands of pages for a single word.

Please find and highlight every instance of the words "and" and "perfluoroelastomer."

At least I’d know you wanted to connect to a former student-colleague.

That way, if you didn’t really want to see me, you wouldn’t have to. 🙂

Or maybe I’m just annoying. If so, sorry.


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