Spring break

I miss spring break as allowed by being in school. I miss volunteering with a group of people at a fun place for a week, while sneaking in Chaucer readings early in the morning. Oh well, on to work.

Also, when you Google Image “Spring Break,” there are just a bunch of girls in swim suits. It’s sad that the image of spring break is sunburned drunkenness.

I’m considering signing up for another GRE prep course. As you may well be able to tell, I’ve gone another year being rejected from every graduate school I’ve applied to. It doesn’t even hurt my feelings anymore, unless I talk about it, then I start to cry. 🙂 Because my feelings actually are hurt.

I’ve spoken with one of my friends, Jenn, who is in graduate school right now and she said that there could be multiple factors in my multiple rejections. One could be GRE scores. Mine isn’t too fantabulous, it’s barely above average. Normally schools could probably overlook this for my GPA and essays, but apparently applications for graduate schools rise incredibly when the economy is down. People figure, oh I’m out of a job, might as well go back to school for an awesome degree to get a better job.

Factor 2 could be my essays. I’ve obviously been out of writing practice for almost a year now. My academic language is much more conversational, and well, not as professional sounding. Also, I have a tendency to be a little too honest. I want into graduate school because real life and I don’t get along. To me, heaven is academia. I want to die and go to library heaven. I want to watch documentaries and present research to all the other dead academics. But that makes me seem a little weirder than they probably want in a candidate.

Also, I don’t really know what I want to dig deeper into. I am just so interested in so many things: women in literature, psychology in literature, religion and women in literature, childbirth in religion, childbirth in literature, the psychology of childbirth in literature, the female voice as written by men in literature, coming of age stories of women in literature, etc. This seems pretty narrow, but it’s hard to express this to admissions committees.

Maybe I’m not interesting enough a candidate. Maybe I’m (no, don’t say it) boring, typical, mundane, totally not cool, yo. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

So, as a last resort, I’m shelling out more money in an attempt to guarantee my spot in some graduate school, some-freaking-where. Because I’m going to die if I don’t get access to some scholarly journals soon…

In other news, I’m reading D. H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers. Have I ever told you how much I love D.H.? Golly, gee. I just love the way he writes.


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