Gender politics

Sean and I got a note on our door when we got home from work last night. It said that the maintenance people at our apartment were coming in tomorrow to change our air filter.

It was a little annoying because we didn’t get the notice until the night before and there was no time listed as to when they would be there (morning or afternoon, etc.). Also, the notice said that if you had a pet, you needed to call the main office and inform them and either board your pet, or put them in a room or crate all day.

Firstly, since we all have to pay a pet fee and monthly pet rent, you’d think they’d have a handy Excel spreadsheet with a list of all the apartments that contained pets.

Secondly, there’s no such thing as a cat-crate, I don’t think. We let our cat free-roam the apartment. We have a travel carrier for her, but I’m not going to lock her in that all day. That’s cruel.

Thirdly, if we were going to board our pet we would have needed to know before 5:00 P.M.the day before.

Also, we have learned that Catterson doesn’t really care to be locked in one room. She will illustrate these feelings by scratching the door and wall, and clawing the carpet by the door.

I don’t usually go in to work until 1:00 on Tuesdays, but I was willing to try to stay home a little later to avoid the wrath of a scorned mitten-head fitten.

I was complaining to myself that the guy who was supposed to come and change the filter was taking forever. Probably stopping to eat lunch like a normal working human, gah.

Then I got a knock at the door, and I thought to myself, “Finally!”

And it was this really nice Indian woman named Tishi. And I was instantly unmad.

She talked to me about how nice I kept my apartment compared to some she sees, and asked me where I got my cat scratching post, and she didn’t even make me lock Catterson away.

It made me think on my way to work, to which I was only like 15 minutes late. If it had been a man to change my air filter, I would not have been as nice or even bothered to talk.

What does that say about me? That I’m a meanie? That I empathize better with Tishi? That I’m reverse sexist? That I was just frustrated from other things and she was a welcome surprise?

I don’t know.


3 thoughts on “Gender politics

  1. Let’s see…

    Female? (√)
    Graduated from Maryville College? (√)

    I’d say your chances of being sexist (“reverse sexist” is kind of a loaded term, don’t you think?) are in the 75% – 90% range.

    Of course, my chances of being a bitter misogynist, considering I’m a male graduate of Maryville College, are in the same range. It’s interesting to note that english has a specific word for the male sexist but not the female. Maybe you can think of one? …Actually, my dictionary gives as the definition of misogynist “woman-hater” and “antifeminist”…so I guess, technically, misogynist could be used to describe both men and women who hate women…perhaps some definitions of feminist would suffice as the reverse term?

  2. Very Interesting, and much food for thought. I appreciate the questions that you raise, and it must be a startling revelation to realize that you are a sexist!

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