Blargh, stomach.

Today, at around noon, after my PB toast that I made myself for lunch. My stomach started committing seppuku. It felt like my stomach was twisting itself up, like a towel wrung out. Meanwhile, it was my responsibility to make certain that my boss, Mr. ADHD, made it out the door on time to catch his flight, while I also sent checks to companies and sorted through articles on some electrical equipment.

It was a rough day to say the least.

I left at 4:30 since it felt like I was getting punched in the stomach constantly, and there was… (guess, it’s Atlanta)


Meanwhile, I was doubling over in pain. I was certain I was going to die. Not really, but it hurt.

I finally made it home, and Sean fed me the spinach pizza in between sips of Pepto Bismol (gag). I tried to just chug the 2 tablespoons, but ended up spitting it up instead of being able to swallow it.

Pepto Bismol has such a weird texture, and you can taste it even with your nose plugged.

Ugh. Yuck.

My mom says that any time she’s ever had Pepto Bismol it makes her vomit, so essentially it makes you better by getting whatever’s making you sick vacate your body in one form or another.

Ew. Ew. Ew. Pepto is gross-o.

The pain is gone now. I don’t know if it was the Pepto or all the other meds I took to try to rid myself of the pain.

It was bad though. I couldn’t have kids. If I can’t handle extreme stomach cramps, I can’t handle pushing a bowling ball out of my body. Nope. No kids for me.

I’m glad my stomach-ache could confirm that for me.


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