Laughing in theaters

Sean and I went to see the movie “Paul” this weekend about two sci-fi nerds from England who come to America for Comic Con and a road trip through all the alien encounter sites throughout the Southwest. Along their journey they meet an alien named Paul, and their hilarious adventures begin from there.

I’m not reviewing the movie. It was just a dumb comedy with a lot of slapstick and dry humor. It was pretty funny at points, though.

Which brings me to the point of this post…

Have you ever been the loud laugher in the theater?

I was the loud laugher in this movie. I really wasn’t trying to be annoying. But sometimes, something funny would happen, and I’d laugh with everyone else. Then I’d think about ti again, and laugh again.

I do this in non-movie situations, too. But I’m pretty sure it’s more annoying to other people in the movie situations.

Not only that, but I tend to have a rather annoying laugh, a guffaw, if you will. It’s a delayed really loud, “Ha!.” Then the following laughs are fairly hearty belly laughs.

I’m sorry people in the theater, sometimes things are just funnier the second time you think of them.


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