Things we do

I’ve been thinking about the annoying things I do around our apartment, and the things that Sean does that annoy me.

Maybe you can relate?

Sean hates it when I:

  • don’t rinse the dishes out before putting them in the dishwasher (Hey, I washed my own dishes in college for 4 years, I’m not washing another dish!)
  • leave my shoes where ever I took them off (oh, hello sandals in the bathroom)
  • yell at him for staying up too late
  • write blogs about this stuff

I hate it when Sean:

  • doesn’t hang up the kitchen towels (he just leaves them on the counter)
  • dries himself off after working out and then hangs the towel up like it’s clean (there’s nothing like grabbing a towel when you’ve just finished showering only to stick your face in sweat smell… gag)
  • stays up too late

There are more probably, but these are the funniest. Also Sean is home and can’t know I’m blogging about this. 🙂


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