Types of People: Kickboxing

Being the new person in any exercise class isn’t easy. Unless you’re up front about your novice status and willingly submit yourself to the awkwardness, I find that it’s almost the most uncomfortable feeling on earth.

I feel like this is especially true for kickboxing, specifically Turbo Kick. Turbo Kick is a more dancey form of kickboxing with half combat (punches, kicks block) and half booty shaking (booty pumping, booty shaking, and a little capoeira). Hence there are lots of ways to look like an idiot in Turbo Kick. For example:

So there are some of the same types of people in Turbo Kick that there are in Step Class. However, because Turbo is a completely different type of class, the women in these categories are two very different types of women.

The professional Turbo Kickers. These ladies, unlike the Step pros, are a little more loosened up. They are aware that booty-shaking will take place, and therefore they are less like a tightly laced corset and more like baggy designer jeans (I added in the designer part for fun). Turbo kickers generally wear cooler clothes.


Turbo Kickers.

See the difference?

No Turbo Kicker takes him or herself too seriously because we know that we’re just going to shake our butts in a minute. Try thinking about that at work when your boss is mad or something. Booty-shaking boss.

So if you’re a Newbie when it comes to Turbo Kick you can imagine how lost you’d be. I don’t remember the first time I tried it, but every time there’s a new round I like the feeling of the new person, not knowing what’s coming up next.

Turbo Kick is hard to keep up with if you’re new and don’t know all the typical moves. Every so often some special moves get thrown in and it mixes it all up.

There was a girl in my last Turbo Kick class on Tuesday who was in college at the Navy academy, home on spring break, and taking Turbo Kick with her mom. Not only was she a half a beat behind on every move, but she was having a great time doing so.

That’s why I like Turbo Kick better than step, because there’s always room to have fun even when you don’t know what’s going on.

I like it because it’s fun, and I feel like if I stick with it, one day I’ll have abs like the instructor.


These are not really her abs, but they could be.

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