Why traffic really gets my goat

In case you haven’t read any of my other posts, or in case you didn’t realize, Atlanta traffic is horrific. There are times when my 20 minute drive home from work can take 2+ hours. Not only is it frustrating, because it is inevitably caused by some dummy who was driving recklessly and got in a wreck, but because other people take traffic as a cue to do whatever they can to get home.

It’s not survivor, y’all. Everyone gets the prize if we all just follow the rules of traffic.

These rules include, but are not limited to:

  • don’t cut people off in any form or fashion
  • don’t block intersections or entire lanes
  • you always let one person over/into your lane no more, but don’t be stingy
  • don’t force your way into someone else’s lane

You’d think these things would be obvious, but when everyone’s in a hurry, they apparently aren’t.

What really makes me mad about it is that I feel like a little kid who’s in line, waiting my turn when someone cuts me in line.

I hate feeling cheated and all those dummies trying to hurry up to cut me off, or get in front of me, block my lane, etc. are cutting me in line to get home.

Traffic wears me out.


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