The sounding board

No one is at work today. Yet. I’ve been here alone for about and hour and half. It’s kind of nice because I can get a solid chunk of work done without a lot of interruptions. Except for phone calls.

My boss is in a hearing today. He’s been in hearing for the past three days. He’s really stressed out because he’s missing lots of days where he could be getting other stuff done.

Understandable. I’ve had to push back his calendar. Attempt to call lots of people, and make them not show up here ready to do whatever and my boss not be here.

So far I’ve done a moderate job. I had one salesman show up, but he just sat and chatted with me, no big deal. Apparently this happens all the time.

But since no one was here yet (one guy is off at an arts festival, and the other two weren’t in yet… it was 7:30 A.M.), he called and chatted with me.

It was kind of nice to be the sounding board for how things should be arranged. I listened to him vent about how stressed he was, and how he doesn’t know if he’ll get it all done in time. I felt like he was a human, not some invincible boss man. I made lists of things he said, and acted like I understood what he was talking about when he said specific lawyer things.

I know if someone else had been there, I wouldn’t have been his go-to person. I understand that completely. There wasn’t a lot of responding from my end of the conversation, only a few contributions on my part.

Nonetheless, it made me feel like I was an important part of the team, which is something that’s been missing from my work-life.


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