Good weekend

Thus far, this weekend has been a good one. I love weekends. I wish they’d last forever. Anyway, last night Sean’s parents were in town, and we went out to eat at a super fancy restaurant called Ray’s on the River. Sean wore a t-shirt so we had to eat in the bar, but it was delicious. I got Canadian Salmon Oscar. It had asparagus, mashed potatoes, and a béarnaise sauce. Delicious.

Then I worked it all off this morning in the YMCA fundraiser Fitapalooza for Partners with Youth. We essentially exercised to raise money for kids who want to go to summer camp but may not be able to afford it. I worked out for 3 solid hours. The first class was pretty standard, 3 women taught 30 minutes of weight lifting each. One taught abs, one upper body, one taught lower body.

But then, ah, then it was Turbo Time! Yeah! We turned off the lights, brought in strobe lights, and wore lights on our shoes and hands. Each punch and kick looked super-cool in the dark and we totally rocked it.

The new routine has a lot of booty shaking, and since the lights were off, I felt free to shake all I wanted. It was SO fun.

Tomorrow, if the weather’s not too bad, Sean and I might go on a bike ride (nothing too strenuous since I kicked my own butt today), and then we’re going to a local National Park section by the river to help clean up invasive species with other park volunteers! I hope the weather participates!

This coming week at work we’re preparing for trial. I expect it to be the busiest ever. They said they need me to work extra hours, but I refuse to miss Turbo Kick because I love the new routine!

OH! AND I ALMOST FORGOT! Sean ordered my birthday present online and it came today. However, it was WAY too big to hide for the next month. I mean, he tried to shove it into the vacuum closet where I don’t go (because he vacuums and I clean the bathrooms), but the box was too big.

What is it?

An Electrolux Assistent Mixer! WOWZA! They are one hundred million times better than KitchenAid mixers because the base rotates not the overhead mixing arm! It’ll last forever, and I can start making breads for real!


One thought on “Good weekend

  1. Yep, they really do last forever. My mom has one that she inherited from my grandmother, it was probably purchased in 1942 (production started in 1940) and is still going strong. She just got a new one for her 76th birthday, to use in the summerhome.
    Funny story… my uncle, in his professional life, was a commercial researcher at a cement factory in Sweden. Guess what they used to make concrete in the lab? An Assistent, of course 🙂 it was the only machine that would take the beating.
    So… congrats on your birthday present – it should be good for several decades.
    Lars, Stockholm, Sweden

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