Tornado watch

Last night was pretty loud here in Hotlanta. We had a mega storm roll through with lots of thunder rumbling the apartment and lightening reminding us that we weren’t asleep. Trees went down in other parts of town, the power went out (not for us, thankfully).

We watched a short part of I Am Legend before bed (we researched the book instead of watching the movie). Nonetheless, thinking about vampire strains of bacteria made me a little nervous before bed. The thunder and lightening didn’t help.

Not only that, but the little Mitten Head was scared too. She was hiding in the closet when we went to bed, and we usually close the closet door when we sleep. So we set her on the bed and she cuddled under the covers in between us while it stormed. She didn’t move all night throughout the thunder and lightening. Even when it woke me up and I freaked out and woke up Sean.

It thundered once and it startled me, so I shook Sean awake. He asked me, “What do you want me to do?” And I didn’t really know except for that I wanted him to be awake since I was awake. So we petted the cat and went back to bed.

I didn’t sleep much last night, partly because the storm and partly because the cat was taking up a lot of my spot on the bed. It was cute, though. Her pupils were dilated all night because she was so scared, and she stayed all tucked into herself. Poor baby Lyra cat.

After we got up and had breakfast, I made Lyra a cat house out of the leftover boxes from my awesome birthday present! The welcome mat says, “All Fittens Welcome.”

She's measuring her window to hang curtains.


Her bay window



2 thoughts on “Tornado watch

  1. I’m about 1 hour north of you and we just got the rain. The cats hate the thunder and stayed hidden most of the day. We had thunder and lightening all day, but it stopped toward night. You guys had the tornado watch and we just had the light show!

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