Scaredy cat

We spent another night with Catterson trying to hide under the covers. There was no thunderstorm this time. She just knew that Sean would let her under the covers while we read in bed, and then I would feel bad about kicking her out afterward.

It was too cute. She was sleeping under the covers like a little baby with her head on the pillow. All tucked in. Too cute! Then Sean kicked her out of bed. Meanie!

She ended up coming back and trying to sleep between us later in the night after Sean was asleep. She even slept on his pillow, taking up most of it. It was funny.

The thunder started this morning again, and she got scared again. As soon as she heard it, she got really low to the ground, and slinks to places she thinks are safe, like the corner of cabinets in the kitchen, on the bed between the pillows, or in the closet under the clothes.

I love my cat.


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