The new mixer

So, in case you didn’t read my other blog post where I happened to mention the fact that Sean gave me my birthday present early, I want you to know that Sean gave me my birthday present early.

And it was an Electrolux Assistent Mixer.

And it’s awesome. Except.

I haven’t used it yet.

1. Because I ate WAY too much junk food to make a sweet this weekend (even though that’s when I usually bake).
2. Because I don’t have a good recipe to use for it.

So, does anyone have any good recipe ideas? I’m up for anything that I need to use a mixer for–bread, desserts,  mashed potatoes?

I want to make something new! And fun! And yummy!

Thanks for your help!


2 thoughts on “The new mixer

  1. Oh, AND my dad’s birthday was this past week and I made a dee-licious German Chocolate Cake fro the recipe on the Baker’s Sweetened German Chocolate bar box. It was pleasing to the eye and the palate. If you like German Chocolate cake…

  2. Look at my post “fresh bread for old friends.” There is a tasty banana nut bread recipe listed. You can also replace the banana with pumpkin or grated zucchini or something of the like. Don’t follow that cook time religiously though… You want it to be gooey in the middle, but NOT still in a batterous state. On the other hand, overcooking makes it dry–the toothpick test in the middle is a good idea for this one!

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