Still pre-Turbo

Tuesday are my days to sleep in. I don’t have to work until 1:00 P.M. and Turbo isn’t until 10:45. Usually this makes for a big rush to get home from Turbo, take a shower, and get on to work. Somehow I always manage to make it on time, though.

During this pre-workout time, I browse the web, read, go back to bed 😉 and all that jazz. Sometimes I clean the house, but most times not.

Well, today I decided to get out and browse some stores (namely Target, Petsmart, and Sports Authority). I bought a bunch of things I didn’t really need at Target–lotion, mascara (the only makeup I wear), shaving cream, etc.

I was on my way to Sports Authority to hunt for a new swim suit (I’ve never hated swim suit shopping until this year), but decided to stop at Petsmart and get Mitten Head a brush and some more kitty litter.

So on to Sports Authority for the dreaded swim suit search. None fit to my satisfaction. But I did manage to snag these purple tights on sale for $25 dollars. I know you’re not supposed to wear new clothes without washing them first, but I’m going to wear them to Turbo this morning!

I love love love love that class!

Alrighty, I gotta go get ready!


2 thoughts on “Still pre-Turbo

  1. Hey! Enjoying your blog! Why do you say you’re “not supposed to” wear those tights for Turbo Kick? Anything wrong with them?
    We’re learning round 44 in class tonight, can’t wait!

    1. Christina,

      I said I wasn’t supposed to wear the tights because I hadn’t washed them yet. I just bought them this morning and wore them straight to class.

      Also, you’ll love the new round. The music is awesome, the moves are fun and bootylicious!

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