Some advice

This has the potential to be gross if you’re easily grossed out. I mean it’s not too bad, but if thinking about body parts and stuff makes you gag a little maybe consider skimming through this post first. But it’s not too gross.

Got it? Ok.

I have this weird invisible rash on my left shin. It’s been there for a while. At first, I thought it was just a patch of dry skin. But no matter how much lotion I put on it, and insulate with long socks, it’s still SO FREAKIN’ ITCHY! I can scratch it forever and it never gets un-itchy.

I can scratch it until the skin comes off. I know because I did it once. Then it was hurty. And then itchy again.

There’s no discoloration. It looks like skin. The only indication that it’s anything is that it’s SO ITCHY and it feels weird (like a little lumpier than it should) when you run your hand down my shin.

Any ideas? Is it just super-dry skin? A rash? An allergic reaction?

Help! Please! Because I’m going to scratch my leg off with a rake.


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