The veterinarian

We took Lyra cat to the vet this afternoon for her annual shots and whatnot. We got a postcard in the mail from the vet who used to do the shots of the cats in the shelter saying it was time, but we took her to our vet.

Now, anyone who knows me well has heard of our travail with this cat and the vet. Since we’ve had her, we’ve been to the vet once a month if not more often. She’s a good cat. She’s a lovey cat. She just wants to sit by you and maybe snuggle. Here’s what she does to Sean when he plays video games:

She gets in his lap and kneads his stomach.


Overall we’ve spent approximately $600-700 on vet bills, and by “we” I mean Sean. People at my work know that when we’re taking the cat to the vet, they’re going to get a good story the next day.

We were hoping today would be different. That we’d take her and nothing would be wrong, and that they’d give her the rabies shot and wellness exam and she’d pass with flying colors.

Alas, we were, as usual, mistaken.

We asked the vet to look at our cat’s teeth because she’s refused to eat hard food for a while now. She’s even been refusing treats (gasp). When she came back in from the exam, the vet had some bad (for Sean’s wallet) news.

Our cat most likely has an auto-immune problem where her body attacks itself. Essentially, her immune system is attacking her teeth. And we may eventually have to have all her teeth extracted. Here’s an excerpt about it from

Plasmacytic/lymphocytic stomatitis or PLS, is a condition that affects all parts of a cat’s mouth. Possible causes include an over-response by the cat’s immune system to plaque in her mouth, a suppressed immune system or an underlying infection.

PLS clinical signs include inflammation and bleeding from the gums, tongue and lips; bad breath; appetite and weight loss; eating problems; and lethargy. Treatment options include antibiotics, steroids, pain medications and eventual tooth extraction.

I then asked her how much of an investment this would be.

$1200-2000. Goodbye vacation.


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