Fitness podcasts and apps

I didn’t know this existed until I read recently in one of my favorite healthy living blogs, Healthy Tipping Point, that you can find exercise podcasts for FREES! That’s right, y’all, gratuitement. This is great news and prompted me to search for exercise apps on my new iPhone (pretend you can’t read that, because I still feel a little guilty about getting it, and I don’t want to be a braggart).

Power Yoga with Dave Farmar (podcast). This is an audio file, and, as the blogger at HTP said, unless you know the non-American names for those poses, it can be a little difficult. It’s super-relaxing, though. You can subscribe to a yoga download website that features Dave Farmar for $2.99 a week to get videos of the yoga classes. That’s probably a lot less than a membership to a yoga studio.

Jillian Michaels Slim-Down Solutions (app). You can download this app for your iPhone, I don’t know about any other phones. But it has tips (how to get over the exercise plateau, how to buy fresh and organic, how to have good form), exercises (categories include: killer abs, arms and shoulders, ripped back, etc.), workouts (circuits with number of reps and sets), recipes (for all meals including snacks), and a category called “Jillian On” (where Jillian discusses issues from the following categories: self, science, sweat, and sticky situations). You could essentially use this app for all you exercise needs including formulating your own workouts or using the pre-made ones.

Fat 2 Fit Radio (podcast). The description of this podcast is (word for word) “Stop eating and acting like a fat person and start emulating the diet and habits of a fit person.” This podcast is more about sharing ideas about how to stay in shape, than working you out. I listened to the first one, “Overcoming Temptations at Work.” My boss buys a lot of snacks that are oh so very tempting, and I often choose the cookies over the banana, so this podcast was interesting to me. It’s mostly just two guys dishing out advice, though. So if that isn’t your cup of tea, I suggest you don’t download it. You could pick-and-choose a few of their podcasts that maybe relate to a fitness- or food-related issue you may be having, though to get some ideas to overcome.

Nike Training Club (app). This is a training app that “gives you your own personal trainer, anytime, anywhere.” It has 60 workouts with “audio guidance,” which I’m assuming means someone talking over the music to tell you what to do. It has 45, 30, and 15 minute workouts and you can set the workout to your own playlist (you know, that small chunk of songs on your iPod that you turn on to get yourself pumped to sweat). It’s a big download, so you either have to get it through iTunes or connect to Wi Fi.

I think all of these technological options are good ones to motivate yourself to workout and eat healthy on your own. I know that, for me at least, when I work out alone I give up pretty quickly. I always thought I needed someone else or a group setting to motivate me, but these option often make you feel like you’re not alone and some provide a pre-made
set of workouts to help you along.


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